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"Love of Beauty is Taste

The Creation of Beauty is Art"

Audrey Franks Hair Studio

Specializing in creating the perfect style for you in an intimate, relaxed environment

























"When I see friends with stellar hair, I always ask for the name of their stylist. After 3 ladies with hair perfection replied "Audrey Franks” with gushing praise, I decided to try out the salon. Turns out she understands my hair better than I do!  Since my first incredible cut and color 6 years ago I’ve seen how she truly understands hair and hair health, and approaches her styling as an artist. Love her!"

Barbara Roman, Producer 

"Audrey's been doing my hair for years and every time she cuts my hair, a) I feel like my spirit has been lifted and b) I get tons of  compliments!   Her skill set with scissors, bleach/color and blow dryer are unquestionable. That's one of the reasons I stay with Audrey.  The other one is that she's such a joyful person!   From the minute I arrive, at her comfortable salon,  Audrey's sunny personality is just a pleasure. Warm funny, personable and, yet, totally focused on her work, having her do my hair is like a mini-spa retreat. Who doesn't love that?"

Dari MacKenzie, Realtor

"Audrey’s been cutting my hair for around 30 years!  I suppose you could say that’s testimony enough! But it’s also true that whenever I’m on a sound stage, studio stylists invariably talk about my ‘fabulous’ hair.  Do you hear that, Audrey?  Fabulous!!!  My hair is fable-like, thanks to you!"

Brian George, Actor

"Audrey Franks has been styling my hair for over 27 years and I am probably her first client since she moved to Los Angeles  and now operates on the West Side. I have followed her from shop to shop until she has finally settled in Westwood.   I am extremely loyal to her because she has kept up with hair styles and trends over the years and has never given me any reason to ever want to change. I couldn't be more satisfied!"

"Audrey always knows exactly what to do with my hair so as to not only make it look fantastic, but make it super easy for me too . Going to her salon space is a true sanctuary full of peace and quiet, and her beautiful smile. "

Bruce Elowitt, Real Estate Appraiser

"No more bad hair days! Nothing can change my mood quicker than a fresh coiffure at Audrey’s salon. From the moment you arrive Audrey’s passion for making you look and feel beautiful is apparent. She is an artist with a scissors and her joie de vivre is making everyone who walks out of her salon look and feel beautiful. Every time I go there she surprises me with a new cut or product that she has personally researched. She doesn’t let me leave without instructing me how to maintain my new cut so I can face the world feeling sassy, confident and beautiful."

Wendy Gladson, Realtor

Kelly Carlin, Writer / Performer

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